Insta-Chatt: Chattanooga’s Top Instagram-Worthy Spots for Foodies

We love Chattanooga for a variety of reasons, just one of which is the city’s thriving dining scene. Regardless of how you prefer to spend a day in the Scenic City, you’re sure to come across a hot spot both you and your Instagram followers will love. From charming coffee shops to bustling bars, there’s truly something for every foodie.

Sleepyhead Coffee

We came for the coffee, we stayed for the neon wake up sleepyhead sign. Seriously, Sleepyhead Coffee has it all. Located in the heart of downtown, this cute little coffee shop is cloaked in a palette of soothing pinks with a side of houseplants. The lively staff, natural elements, and tasty treats will have you coming back time and time again. 

Common House Chattanooga

Common House Chattanooga

While you’ll have to be a member – or know someone who is – to gain access to this supremely stylish social club, if you do get to spend some time in Common House, you’ll immediately know why locals adore it. The location boasts an all-day kitchen and several bars, but its real allure comes from the down-to-earth décor and chic vignettes.

Clumpies Ice Cream Co.

 What’s more iconic than an ice cream cone on a hot day? Obviously, nothing, and Clumpies knows it. Loved by locals, this ice cream shop has three locations around Chattanooga, all of which sport its bold black, white, and red branding. While the company’s mainstay flavors are great, you can never go wrong with one of the seasonal options, and plenty of toppings to choose from makes it a breeze to walk away with a one-of-a-kind – and instagrammable – creation.

Wiskey Thief view of beautiful scenic Chattanooga.

Whiskey Thief

If you’re looking for a shot that oozes sophistication, look no further than Whiskey Thief. Perched atop the Edwin Hotel on the banks of the Tennessee River, this bar offers up not only prime urban views, but also an unparalleled selection of whiskey. With plenty of dark woods, metals, and leathers, this place features all of the style of a prohibition-era bar with even more flavor.

Rembrandt’s Coffee House

For those wanting a little slice of Europe while staying in the Scenic City, Rembrandt’s Coffee House is hard to beat. Situated in the charming Bluff View Arts District, this bistro is a must for breakfast or lunch with friends. Between the cobblestone pathways, artfully curated pastries, and the wisteria-covered patio, there’s plenty to take in!

Julie Darling Donuts

Located in the trendy Northshore neighborhood, Julie Darling Donuts is yet another local favorite. While the storefront may, at first sight, be a little unassuming, over-the-top treats wait just inside. Pick out your favorite donut – or two – and head right around the corner for an impromptu photoshoot against the store’s bubblegum pink wall.

Wiseguy Lounge

Get ready to be transported back in time. While you won’t need a fancy passcode to get into this speakeasy-style bar, Wiseguy Lounge is seemingly still flying under the radar. Located in the basement of a stellar pizza joint, the bar takes pride in its artisan cocktails that are garnished to perfection. Antique chandeliers, velvet booths, and dapper bartenders offer all the 1920s feels.

Adelle's Creperie

Adelle’s Creperie

You know you’ve made it to the right spot once you’ve caught sight of The Double Decker Lounge. This two-story bus is instagrammable in its own right, but the restaurant’s interior is equally as fun. Operating out of The Granfalloon, Adelle’s serves up an industrial chic aesthetic with its fair share of color and antique, mismatched furniture. And did we mention the crepes are out of this world?

The Rosecomb

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sweeter spot than The Rosecomb. This fanciful garden bar shines brightest on a spring or summer day around dusk. Outdoor bistro lights put the ambiance over the top, and flowerbeds are everywhere you turn. Inside, an amiable farmhouse vibe is on full display, and the cocktails and food often feature a botanical twist.

Niedlov’s Bakery & Cafe

Challah, wheat, and sourdough, oh my! Located in the Southside district, Niedlov’s has been a beloved bakery since 2002. Residents and restaurateurs alike love the company’s wholesale bake shop, but the café also serves up enticing eats. Arrive at the right time, and you might even snag a spot on the coveted, fern-filled patio.

Matilda Midnight

This unique hotel bar is an art deco dream. Each room in the space seemingly has its own personality – from the muted and earthy jungle room to a colorful corner with a faux fish tank TV. The cocktails are genuinely gorgeous, and the main bar is in a room cloaked in green and gold with overhead twinkle lights. Shrouded in mystery and magic, Matilda Midnight is a must-see.

Inside the Dwell Hotel. Matilda Midnight at

Southern Squeeze

Purveyors of plant food will love Southern Squeeze. An array of botanicals pop against the restaurant’s stark white interior, and the juices served up span the color of the rainbow. While all of the food is as delicious as it is beautiful, the smoothie bowls are sure to level up your likes.

Paloma Bar de Tapas

Paloma Bar de Tapas

Small plates and sunsets are the name of the game at Paloma Bar de Tapas. This elegant tapas bar can be found at the top of the Westin hotel in the heart of the West Village district. Overlooking the city center and with views of the mountains just beyond, the Spanish-style bar is rising to its full height.

High Rail

Nothing says social media quite like a rooftop restaurant. From cornhole and cocktails to fire tables and French fries, High Rail has everything you need for a fun, picturesque night on the town. If you’re looking to wind down and relax, several day beds offer the perfect respite, and the food is sure to be bold and flavorful.

Taqueria Jalisco Ania

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, Taqueria Jalisco knows how to serve style. This elevated Mexican spot offers traditional dishes that taste and look fresh. A monochromatic motif comprises the restaurant’s interior, which also incorporates layers of botanicals and other natural materials. Who knew simple sophistication could taste so good?

Moxy Chattanooga Container Bar

Moxy Chattanooga

Calling all party people. In the heart of downtown sits the Moxy – a beautiful, bright, and trendy hotel that has a knack for fun. The dog-friendly lobby and outdoor railyard have plenty of seating areas, and its quirky décor is as daring as its drinks. There are plenty of games scattered throughout the space, and there’s even a shipping container that doubles as an outdoor bar.

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