Dirty Jane's Antique Store in Chattanooga

6 Chattanooga Antique Stores

“Every home regardless of its style, whether it’s contemporary or Victorian, deserves a storied piece in it,” says Lonna Hamblen of Southside Antiques. The other members of Chattanooga’s antiques community couldn’t agree more. There’s simply something about the value these items give to the past. Finding a timeless treasure may remind us of our grandparents, or it may simply add a pop of interest to our spaces. Whichever rings true for you, here’s where to shop.

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Family at at Lookouts Baseball Game

Family-Friendly Events in Chattanooga

Families love Chattanooga, and for good reason. Each season offers annual events that bring loved ones together for music, athletics, fine arts, historical experiences, and holiday fun. Here’s what to add to your schedule for the coming year.

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Kinley Hotel Southside Chattanooga

Where to Stay in Chattanooga: Kinley Southside Chattanooga

The goal of a Kinley hotel is to reflect the aesthetic and the energy of the neighborhood in which it resides. The name Kinley is derived from “kinship,” meaning that the guest is welcomed into relationship with the city’s art, entertainment, and history by design. General Manager Michael DiMaria said earlier this year that Kinley Chattanooga Southside was meant to be “the living room of the neighborhood” – and this hotel has mastered being modern and sophisticated without losing its sense of comfort.

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