The History of Underground Chattanooga

Have you ever heard about Underground Chattanooga? Learn more about what it is and if there’s any truth to this subterranean story!

Back in the ’70s, Dr. Jeff Brown, a professor of archaeology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, first postulated that a city beneath a city could exist. His evidence was what you saw – underground doorways that go nowhere and windows that seem to be buried. The more he explored, the more he realized that these underground rooms were too fragmented to be a complete, connected buried city. However, enough of these “un-basement-like” rooms exist for there to be questions. These questions have yet to be resolved, and since many of these historic buildings are privately held, there has been no systematic exploration. So the romance and mystery of Underground Chattanooga has continued to spark debate among local historians and curious citizens.

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Basement staircase that looks like a first floor

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