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2021 Chattanooga Motorcar Festival

October 15-17

The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival is a car enthusiast’s heaven. On the docket are plenty of events and activities, such as the Pace Grand Prix race, the West Village Road Rallye, Mecum auto auctions, and family-friendly street festivals. Don’t miss the Legendary Charity Cruise-In on Saturday – all proceeds will go to the Fifty Plus Foundation, benefiting CHI Memorial Foundation and the Neuroscience Innovation Foundation.

The event features the premiere launch of The Pace Grand Prix at the Bend, all new Mecum Auctions, the return of the prestigious annual Chattanooga Concours d’Elegance, as well as the open road West Village Road Rallye thru the mountains of Tennessee. Featuring thousands of cars, live concerts, car clubs, street festivals and food trucks; this event is one for the entire family to join.

Fifty Plus Foundation, Inc. partners with Chattanooga Motorcar Festival to support neuroscience research. This partnership focuses on bringing that support to a local level and back research that will help find a cure. Funds raised through the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival go to The Neuroscience Center at CHI Memorial and the NeuroScience Innovation Foundation. They will work hand in hand to bring advances in neurological medicine forward for the benefit of all. Funds will directly support the creation of transitional research space by funding equipment and operating suite infrastructure.