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Beastly Feast

November 19 from 6-8pm

Join us as we learn all about the beastly eating habits of our carnivores! Take this opportunity to watch our animals enjoy a dinner of whole prey items, learn why it is important for their survival, and admire their naturalistic behaviors. Watch a few our amazing predators like jaguars and Komodo Dragons enjoy a special dining experience. Satisfy your own hunger with snacks available for purchase during the event. Whole prey items are a form of enrichment periodically provided to animals at the Zoo. Special meals like this are not live, yet encourage the animals to use their natural instincts and adaptations like climbing, smelling, and pouncing. Beastly Feast has a set capacity and will sell out. We strongly recommend purchasing tickets early. This event welcomes guests of all ages.

Please note, if you attend Beastly Feast, you may find that you have bitten off more than you can chew! This event is a FEAST of a good time, but may not be for everyone.