April 8 from 7:30pm – 10:30pm

The /200 project welcomes Kylie Vincent to the Williams St Gallery space during a month of honoring survivors during sexual assault awareness month. Writer/performer Kylie Vincent (Adult Swim) & director Barbara Pitts McAdams (co-creator of The Laramie Project), present BIRD. Part Stand up, part solo show, part fever dream. A young woman listens to audio of her last stand-up gig. With GenZ’s dark humor she enlists the audience’s help unpacking “what happened.” As our narrator, self-identified as Bird, attempts to grapple with the present, past trauma keeps pecking its way into the story. BIRD’s family of origin become the Deer, the Gazelle, and the Gorilla. And as BIRD relies on metaphor —sometimes to humorous effect, sometimes with heartbreaking imagery and honesty—she stops fleeing her past so she can soar. Due to the subject of this show we want to inform all visitors that this show may be more triggering for some.