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Campfire Concert Series – Behold the Brave

October 29 from 6:30-10:30pm

Reflection Riding’s Campfire Concert Series continues, sponsored by Tremont Tavern and Hutton and Smith Brewery, and provides a safe outdoor venue to enjoy some of the best artists the Chattanooga area has to offer. Join us on October 29th for a night listening to Behold the Brave under the stars.

Ticket includes beer, entertainment, and the option to camp on our property for the night.

Behold the Brave is a Tennessee rock combo with a heavy soulful sound founded in Chattanooga by Clayton Davis, Zach Randolph, and Jeremiah Thompson. After their 2010 debut and 2012 EP release, they relocated to Nashville and toured heavily. They released a self-titled full length album in 2017, and most recently released the singles Peaches and Doctor. Their sound is best described as “a potent blend of Southern rock, soul, and psychedelia.”