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Chattanooga Film Festival

June 24-29

With your help, we proved last year that just because a film festival is staged virtually doesn’t mean that the sense of wonder and community that comes along with a traditional on-the-ground event has to be lost in translation.

The world seems to be slowly heading back towards normal (knock on wood), and we’re looking forward to the ability to gather safely with all of you again in 2022, but it is out of both an abundance of caution and respect for our attendees and filmmakers that we are going virtual again for 2021. The incredible feedback regarding accessibility that we received from our audience last year also weighed in on our decision.

In that spirit, we’ve put together an insane and magical menagerie of films (both short and feature), as well as a slew of live events (both crazed and informative), and we’re damn proud to present the virtual edition of the 2021 Chattanooga Film Festival. Who knows, Bubz might even be around.