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Dragrave: Unbecoming

October 16 from 10pm-3am

Who’s ready to get devilish, clownish, and all around weird af? For our next installment of DragRave, we’ll be taking you to a sexy psycho carnival, fittingly called Unbecoming. 💀

As always, we’ll have the most spooktacular beats in town, provided by DJ MysteryBox, all night long. 🎶 Our rave royals, Gin Von Tonic and Ciran Chanel Stratton will be hosting this chaotic carnival ride, while featuring some of the region’s most devilish entertainers: “The Midnight Vixen” Raven Von Roe, “Chattanooga’s Punk Princess” Ophelia Cox, “Chattanooga’s Creature of The Night” Martini Virgatonic, and “The Backwoods Bearded Barbie” Kreature Von Tonic. These entertainers will spook and delight you. So get ready for quite the circus. 🤡

We’ll also have face painting, it is a carnival after all. 😉 And a $75 costume contest, wear your best Clown/Creepshow Couture look, and you could win big! 💸

The carnival from hell will be happening Saturday, October 16th, from 10PM – 3AM+ at Wanderlinger Brewing Company in downtown Chattanooga. Tickets are $10 in advanced, $15 at the door. Come get weird with Chattanooga’s most eccentric event. See you DragRavers there.