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Growing Edible Mushrooms at Home

February 27 at 12pm – 4pm

Join us for a hands-on class to build the knowledge needed to produce your own edible mushrooms.

Taught by Mark Hainds, Author and Proprietor of Sweetbill’s Enterprises, this hands-on class will offer participants the knowledge needed to produce their own edible mushrooms, such as shiitake, oyster, nameko, lion’s mane, olive oysterling, giant stropharia/wine cap and wood ear mushrooms. Participants in this workshop will learn various production methods including: the “drill & fill” method using sawdust or dowels, the “totem method” and the “woodchip/bed” method.

Topics to be covered will be variables such as selecting and matching types of wood or substrates with the appropriate mycelia (mushroom spawn), sanitation, run time, harvesting methods, log and totem placement, and competing fungi. For those interested in bettering the environment, we’ll have specific recommendations for using invasive species on which mushrooms may be produced, such as parasol tree, tallow tree, tree of heaven and sawtooth oak.

All materials will be provided.