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Lenox Hills Concert

January 22 – Doors Open at 7:00 pm

Lenox Hills w/ Drumming Bird & Daniel Nunnelee 

A Tennessee rock quartet with a raucous yet dynamic demeanor, Lenox Hills was founded in 2016 by brothers Luke (vocals, guitar) and Packy Mullin (guitar), along with Kyle Swenson (drums) and Kameron Dunn (bass). They released their debut EP, “The Stricken Young,” in 2017; a collection of 4 songs that dealt with love, ache and the particulars of youthful consequence. Since then, the band has released a second EP (“Names”, 2020) along with various singles, refining their dense rock instincts and further developing the core musical relationships within the band. The guitars of Luke and Packy Mullin have become simultaneously tighter and more comfortable with one another, while Dunn’s bass and Swenson’s drums have evolved together into a complexly layered and bombastic rhythmic section.

Bound by a shared geography, unbreakable friendships and a wealth of musical affections, the band looks for both broad and intimate connections; for details that might lead them to places where new and refreshingly original sounds lack any sense of artifice or falseness. Whether they’re shaking their amps until the casings start to crack, or drawing back to expose the underlying vulnerability which seeps into every corner of their music, the band never allows the music to remain motionless. Even when things quiet down for a moment, inasmuch as they ever do quiet down, Lenox Hills maintains a rhythmic momentum which aptly serves their incorruptible rock aspirations. ~ Joshua Pickard, Rovi