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Lula Laker: Mountain Miler Race

May 15

Lula Lake’s new race series continues in 2021 with the first race for conservation: The Mountain Miler! This race is designed for trail runners and mountain bikers with both 10-mile and 18-mile courses that utilize Lula Lake’s famous trail systems.

Divided between two days, runners will compete on Saturday, May 15 and mountain bikers will compete on Sunday, May 16 in this socially distant, independent race. But what is this an independent race? Simple, we have a window for start times each day, and each participant is responsible for tracking their race time through Strava GPS tracking. Show up, check-in, and hit the trails with a 5pm deadline to finish. The top 3 runners and top 3 mountain bikers will receive a one-of-a-kind trophy worthy of your Lula Laker efforts!