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Photographic Society of Chattanooga October Speaker: J. Scott Graham

October 21 at 6pm

The Photographic Society of Chattanooga will be hosting celebrated photographer J. Scott Graham on Thursday, October 21, at 7:00pm at St. John United Methodist Church Community Activity Center.

For more than three decades, Graham has carved a unique path, combining the art of photography with creative business acumen to become one of this country’s most successful artists.

While Graham has worked with many national parks, historic sites, state parks and tourist destinations across North America, he is most well-known for his legendary photographs of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Through his popular product lines, Graham has published more images and sold more products featuring the Southern Appalachians than anyone else in the world.

Graham’s reach also extends to more tropical locales as some of his most significant work can be found in the Caribbean. From San Juan National Historic Site to El Yunque National Forest, his timeless photographs portray and protect locations of significant world history and lands of immense biodiversity.

During his presentation, Graham will be answering the question that every aspiring artist wants to know: “How do I make money doing what I love?”

“I receive numerous inquiries from photographers, artists, writers, and musicians wanting to know how they can be successful pursuing their passion,” Graham explains. “We are going to have a question and answer forum to explore this topic, with responses that will hopefully inspire, and probably surprise the audience.”

The event is free and includes a social hour with refreshments that starts at 6:00.