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Pioneer Day

November 6 from 9am-4pm

Pioneer Day is a special event to the SDMHA. We want to include as many people who keep an old timey traditional way of doing something alive. We want everyone to see how baskets were made, diner was cooked in a fireplace over an open fire, maybe how apple cider was pressed, quilts were made or maybe how iron was forged in a blacksmith shop. The event last year, even while battling the COVID-19 virus, had over 400 visitors who came and spent their day with us. We have expanded this year to include the making of soap, children’s games and a display of early stoneware. Did I mention we will have a display of the famous Soddy long rifles? The event will begin at 9am and will end at 4pm. By the way, if you do an old timey traditional craft we would encourage you to call us at 423. 718-0528. We would love for you to join us on that special day. ​