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October 15

The Apple Truck, a Michigan-based “rolling” apple truck, will be delivering fresh, hand-picked Michigan apples to more than 90 locations in southern states who have no or limited access to the fresh fruit. It will be stopping in Chattanooga & North GA on Friday, Oct. 15, offering fresh picked apples straight from the Michigan orchards.

Owner and creator of The Apple Truck, Dale Apley, says that they frequently friends and family members who moved out of state complain about no longer having access to fresh Michigan apples. This was particularly clear during apple season (September – November) when Michigan residents are privileged to have fresh apples, which offer a crisp bite and crunch that store bought apples do not seem to offer.

Because these apples will sell out fast, The Apple Truck encourages everyone to place their orders 3 days in advance by visiting The Apple Truck website and searching for the Chattanooga stop.