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The Garden Club at Crabtree Farms: January Meet-Up

January 13 from 6-8pm

Whether you are a first-time gardener, or you have been gardening for a few years, the garden club community will provide you with hands-on guidance, support, and the resources you need to grow a successful backyard vegetable garden.

From January through October 2022, we will help you navigate your way through the season’s challenges and celebrate the successes of growing your own nutritious, organic food. There is no annual membership fee, just pay for each month, as you can attend.

January meeting details:

While January is certainly too cold to start planting a garden, it is the perfect time to start PLANNING your garden. Instead of trying to figure out everything on the fly, you will have a clear plan on where to plant your garden, how to create a healthy soil to nourish your plants ,and deciding what you want to plant will be discussed in the monthly series of garden classes. After completing the class you will be well on your way to growing your best garden ever.