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The Sunrise Cuban Jazz Quartet at McLemore

September 2 from 7-8:30pm

Sunrise is a quartet of Cuban music, formed by two Cubans, a Venezuelan and a Puerto Rican. Showing the musical connection that exists in our Latin blood despite being children of different countries, this quartet specializes mainly in music in the style of Buena Vista Social Club, Benny Moré, among other greats of Cuban and Latin American music.

One of the founders, Lorenzo Molina, hails from Isla de la Juventud, Cuba, and began his studies at the young age of 10. He has worked with some of the greatest musicians of our time and tells stories about playing in a place in Old Havana called “Legendarios del Guajirito,” one of the most iconic venues in Cuba. Molina is making a name for himself not only in his home country of Cuba but in South American, Spain and now the United States.

Various members of Sunrise have toured with artists including The Mavericks, Puerto Rican singer Jerry Rivera and as members of Sierra Maestra.

Those who appreciate good musicianship and authentic Latin music are guaranteed to be blown away by Sunrise.