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Vulture Adventures

Saturdays from 11am-noon

Join our Director of Avian Conservation, Taylor Berry, and our Black Vulture, Vlad, for a fun walk around the ponds at Reflection Riding! Vlad is a trained animal ambassador who will be exploring the landscape with you as you walk along this ½ mile excursion. Throughout the walk, you will learn all kinds of cool and creepy facts, such as how a vulture cools itself on a hot sunny day and their unusual diet. You will also learn the important role they play in our environment. The tour will end with Vlad leading you through our Native Plant Nursery to explore the importance of native plants in the life of a vulture.

Long pants and close toed shoes are recommended. Because an animal ambassador will be in the spotlight for this program, dogs and food aren’t allowed.

Note that in the event of severe weather or in the rare case that Vlad is unavailable, it is possible that a program may be cancelled and refunds offered.