First Horizon Bank


First Horizon Bank is the largest bank headquartered in Tennessee, with the No. 1 deposit market share in Chattanooga, Memphis, and the Tri-Cities, and a top-five deposit market share in Knoxville and Nashville. First Horizon has one of the highest customer retention rates of any bank in the country and, in 2019, was named one of the World’s Best Banks by Forbes. The FHN Advisors group has 38 trust officers, 86 financial advisors, and $34.5 billion in assets under administration. First Horizon was founded in 1864 and has the 14th oldest national bank charter in the country. FHN, FHN Financial, and FHN Advisors are part of First Horizon National Corp. First Horizon National Corporation has more than 460 locations and employs more than 8,400 people, making a substantial impact on local economies.