Horrible Chattanooga; Our City’s Link to Horror Movies

Chattanooga has long been a popular place for movie and TV directors to bring their cast and production. We have the history here from the Civil War battleground, which is so important to the fabric of the city and the state of Tennessee. Also, why wouldn’t someone want to shoot their epic in a place widely known as the Scenic City?

The city has also been used to tell the stories of one of the greatest sportsmen of a generation and Brooklyn Dodgers’ second baseman, Jackie Robinson. The biographical movie “42” was filmed at Engel Stadium with the late Chadwick Boseman playing the lead role.

There have also been many horror movies filmed in and around the area over the years, and it’s no surprise as we love Halloween. From Boo in the Zoo to the Last Market On The Left, the celebration of all things spooky is something we all enjoy getting involved in here in Chattanooga.

The horror genre grips people around the world, which is highlighted by just how many areas of popular culture it touches – from TV and movie screens to digital media, where video games do their best to replicate chilling experiences. Titles such as “Resident Evil,” “Days Gone,” and “The Last of Us” all frightened horror fans in recent years. Horror-themed titles also appear in different game genres; Foxy Bingo features online slots titled “Blood Queen” and “Halloween Fortune” that play heavily on the fear factor with scary imagery. That even extends to the modern mobile games, too, with “Five Nights at Freddie’s” being a favorite way to bring panic to your pocket. 

While these examples are all notable and indicate the popularity of horror, this genre seems to be especially associated with Chattanooga, which has been the location for several scary movies over the last few years. Here’s a quick rundown of three of them:

The Last Thanksgiving

“The Last Thanksgiving” has some of its external scenes shot in Chattanooga. This movie is a great throwback for those who have long loved the horror film. This retro-feeling flick features a restaurant open for those who don’t celebrate the holiday with family; with more people at home than out eating, it presents as the perfect target for a group of cannibals to go unnoticed. With such a plot, it’s fair to say it’s more than a little gory. If you’re a horror fan of the ‘80s, you’ll love it.


“Fisher” is more of a psychological thriller than a slasher movie like the previous entry. While the film is set in Eden, Tennessee, some of the scenes are shot in Chattanooga. This title follows more of a modern theme, as the main character, Clara, loves nothing more than catfishing men by emailing them pretending to be something she’s not. She sends them scantily clad imagery of women from the internet in an attempt to gain gifts and more. It can only end in one way.

The Boogeywoman

There are a notable number of horror shorts filmed in and around Chattanooga, but this is one of the best. A young woman is drawn to the local legend of a Boogeywoman on the loose, but she soon realizes that it’s not a legend at all – it’s someone she knows. Erica Scoggins, a Chattanooga resident, directed this short movie. “The Boogeywoman” has won awards at the Fantasia Film Festival and was nominated for best short film at the Prague Short Film Festival.

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