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Historic Cemeteries of the Scenic City

Are you a history buff? Or maybe you like walking around different historical places? Though Chattanooga is relatively young by international – even national – standards, its 1839 founding still gives the city its fair share of significant moments and important people. Generally speaking, one of the most critical tethers holding our present and past tied together are our cemeteries, the final resting places of those who’ve gone before. The Scenic City is home to a notable set of cemeteries that offer a glimpse of these generations past.

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Best Movie Theatres in Chattanooga

Who doesn’t love a trip to the movies? Here in Chattanooga, we have plenty of movie theaters for film buffs and popcorn fiends to choose from. Whether you’re spending a day with the family, meeting up with friends, or planning a first date, here’s everything you need to know about Chattanooga’s movie theaters!

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